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Sun Collection

Carefully selected, every single piece in this collection reflects the solar energy we receive every day. Being our first collection, the Sun represents the beginning of a new cycle and the core of life.

Any jeweler will agree with us when we say 18-karat gold is the perfect combination between gold purity and the strength from other metals such as silver or copper. This is why we at Canela, had decided to bring you the best quality gold out in the market.

Storm Collection 

Strong as storm, our newest collection will bring the most trendy and fashionable items for you.

Alchemy Collection 

Alchemy is the medieval forerunner of today's chemistry. It was concerned with attempts to convert base metals into gold, but most importantly, to find a universal elixir. Our Alchemy Collection brings to you a rich variety of pieces for both men and women; we've added beautiful designs of charms, chains, earrings and necklaces that will last forever.

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